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Performance Achievements
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Award is the best recognition for the efforts of manufacturers who have produced best quality product and provided good aftermarket service. Numerous awards have recognized our excellence in manufacturing fine automotive electronics products as well as prompt aftermarket service. It is also symbolizes our achievement and commitment to our products.
1999 – Perodua’s Best Overall Vendor
2000, 2001 & 2003 – Perodua’s Top 3 Overall Vendor
2002 – Perodua’s Best Delivery Vendor
2004 – Perodua’s Overall Improved Vendor
2007 – 100 Outstanding SMEs on the 5th Golden Bull Awards
2008 – Perodua’s Overall Excellent Performance Local Vendor
2008 – Top 10 Winner of the 6th Golden Bull Awards
2008 – Special Appreciation for PSSB Spare Part Delivery Vendor
2009 – Product Excellence Award of the 5th Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand

2010 – Excellent Performance Vendor for Non-SMI Group
2010 – Special Appreciation for Perodua Service Part Delivery Vendor

1999 Best Overall Vendor 2002 Best Delivery Vendor 2004 Overall Improved Vendor 2007 Golden Bull Award
(100 Outstanding SMEs)
2008 Overall Excellent
Performance Local Vendor
2009 5th Asia Pacific
(Product Excellent Award)
2010 Excellent Performance Vendor 2010 Special Appreciation
Service Part Delivery Vendor